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Using PCAD - Schematic

Hey guys, as per request, I've put together a video that covers the majority of using Schematic from beginning to end.

I've covered majority of the video with music, but I stop every so often to explain or point out some things.

I give a lot of my personal tips, pointers and advice, use it, don't use it.

This is purely a tutorial video to guide fellow students. I don't own any of the copyrights to the music used in this video.
Mehmet Furkan : Can you send your library ? or How do i add a new companent my library ?
Rezah : Hi man, this is a late reply, but I've gone through all the videos I own and I don't seem to have it anymore.
Wave Shaper : If you still have the original video, could you re-upload audio track to another platform that does not crackdown on music ? Thanks
Rezah : Hi, seems the audio got muted. Probably due to the music. If i recall, you should be able to use the "Library" menu.

SL1F3 : Пикад настолько 3банный, что сам удаляет комменты на ютубе
Joe128533 : Самая омерзительная, не удобная и уродливая CAD из всех с которыми работал. В ней все сделано через жопу, просто вообще все. У программисторв которые ее делали вместо мозгов хуй во лбу.
Wǒ Wáng : Смотрю, занижен радиус кривизны рук...
Wǒ Wáng :  @Chefa  , это не для программистов, а для радиолюбителей...
Chefa :  @Wǒ Wáng  Ох, очень старенький сайт с табличной вёрсткой.

Nilfisk Compact C120.6-6 PCAD X-TRA - EverythingVideo

Dit is de Nilfisk Compact C120.6-6 PCAD X-tra. Een compacte hogedrukreiniger, die geschikt is voor mensen die af en toe kleinere oppervlakken willen reinigen.

Consumenten op zoek naar een nieuw product, zijn kritisch en willen informatie. EverythingVideo legt in een korte video jouw product uit. Helder, duidelijk en geloofwaardig. Met Kieskeurig.nl en BesteProduct.nl als betrouwbare afzender en gratis plaatsing op beide sites.
Ook uitlegvideo's nodig? Kijk op www.EverythingVideo.nl.
Артур Горький : do you think this is better than karcher k2 compact home? I like that it has more adapters than karcher but how about durability? I never heard about this company.
Niels : Har købt en skal førs prøve den til foråret 2017.Til fliser.
Lupo Lucy : Inlet hose thread made of plastic, very weak.
Savvas Papaioannou : hi from greece i have nilfisk C 135.1-8 is the best
MarathonianWarrior : Dissatisfied !!! 2 years after the purchase and not even used 15 times, the handle of the pistol broke and water came out from everywhere.




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